Chairs of 4 preceding ICMs' visit Korea 2012-08-21

Chairs of 4 preceding ICMs' who are Professor Martin Grötschel from Germany, Professor Zhi-Ming Ma from China, Professor Manuel de Leon from Spain and Professor M.S. Raghunathan from India visited Korea in July 2012 on an invitation from the Organizing Committee of Seoul ICM 2014. 

The Organizing Committee of Seoul ICM 2014 held a "ICM Preparatory Workshop" on July 9 in which Chairs of 4 preceding ICMs' shared their precious experiences from past ICMs.

As a sign of solidarity, Chairs of 4 preceding ICMs' also attended the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12) Opening Ceremony and ICME-12 related events.

• July 9 : ICME-12 Opening Ceremony,
               ICM Preparatory Workshop, 
               ICM Welcome Reception
• July 10 : Visit Minister of Education, Science and Technology, 
                 Open KIAS Symposium
• July 11 : Inspect IMU General Assembly venue, 
                 Visit UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites in the city of Gyeongju