International Congress of Mathematicians
August 13 - 21, 2014
Coex , Seoul , Korea
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IMU GA 2014
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IMU GA 2014 in Gyeongju
The General Assembly of the IMU consists of delegates appointed by the Adhering Organizations, together with the members of the Executive Committee. The GA normally meets once in four years, usually at a place and date close to an International Congress of Mathematicians. The 17th GA will take place in Gyeongju (located in the southeast of Korea) from August 10 to 11, 2014 prior to the SEOUL ICM 2014.
The history of Gyeongju dates back to ancient times when the city was the capital of the Silla Dynasty (BC 57-935), the longest period of reign in the history of Korea. Today, more than a thousand years later, evidence of its rich cultural heritage is still evident in every corner of the city. Since the ancient relics are such an integral part of the area, the whole city has been designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage under the name 'Gyeongju Historic Areas'. As such, Gyeongju is often referred to as a 'roofless museum'.  

How to get to the GA venue
Incheon (ICN), Seoul (GMP) and Busan (PUS) are the most convenient international airports. We will maintain information booths at Incheon (ICN), Seoul (GMP) and Busan (PUS) on August 9. If you fly to Incheon (ICN) or Seoul (GMP), ICM staff at the booth will help you to take a KTX train (Korean Bullet Train) to Gyeongju. At the KTX station in Gyeongju, ICM staff will assist you to get to the GA venue (Hyundai hotel). If you fly to Busan (PUS), ICM staff at the booth will guide you to take a bus to Gyeongju Bus Terminal, where ICM staff will help you to get to the GA venue.

If you fly to Incheon (ICN) and then from Seoul (GMP) to Busan (PUS), it may actually take longer than to take a KTX train to Gyeongju.

For more details please check "How to reach Gyeongju" at

On August 12, all the GA delegates are invited to take a bus trip from Gyeongju to Seoul, stopping by some historic places on the way, e.g. Andong Hahoe Folk Village (more information at Social Program It will be a leisurely trip, and we will deliver delegates to the welcome reception at COEX in Seoul in the evening of August 12.
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